Welcome to The Glengarry Free Range Eggs Company Profile.


Here at Glengarry Free Range Eggs we farm brown shaver hens to produce our brand of free range eggs.

We then sell these eggs directly to customers in Canterbury by home or workplace delivery.

At Glengarry Free Range Eggs our eggs are collected , cleaned , packaged and delivered daily.

We deliver daily to ensure freshness all over Canterbury.If we can get it to you the same day its laid we will.

You the customer will have these eggs within two days of being laid. These eggs get despatched just as quickly as they are laid so we guarantee 100% freshness and quality of our product. 

If you are ever unhappy with our eggs we want to know as we will refund or replace X6. 

The quality and freshness of our eggs and your patronage are more important to us than anything else. 

Enjoy your Glengarry  Free Range Eggs.



*Eggs shelf life - 35 days from date of lay refrigerated

*Eggs shelf life - 21 days from date of lay at room temperature  

*Always break a free range egg into a cup first before adding it to a recipe.  



The success and quality of our  free range eggs comes down to

- having the best in breeding lines  from  a reputable hen supplier(and they take it very seriously)

- the outdoor(free range) environment

- the high quality of feed we produce our selves.(so we know whats in it and we do not cut corners)

****Our hens diet is mixed from a recipe supplied to us from an independent qualified nutritionist and doctor  with 25 years experience who consults world wide at all levels.




Phone Orders are welcome on Monday - Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm.(best way is email - we will respond faster)

Internet/Email/Txt orders welcome anytime day or night 24/7.




Julie And Jason James

Glengarry Free Range Eggs

Clarkville ,Canterbury

New Zealand 7691.